ping pong

We are in the midst of our too-regular evening ritual of watching reruns of The Office, which is now on every night, sometimes on more than one channel. The last episode included a ping pong challenge between Jim and Darryl, which reminded me of playing ping pong on the third floor of the church in Tipton. There was a ping pong tournament one year (maybe more than one year? Was that an annual thing or did it just happen that once?); it was very elaborate, with brackets and age groups and it took all Sunday afternoon. I think there was popcorn involved. There were two people in my age group – 14-18 year old girls, or something – and I won the game. I don’t think I could have beat anyone else in the tournament, but for whatever reason, I won that game, which earned me a trophy.

That’s right, I was ping pong champion of teenage girls at my church in 1993, or something.

Also, in other ping pong memories, there was a guy who was at least 80 back then who loved ping pong and used to stop by the church to play. I wish I knew more about that story.

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