rice fruity treats

There aren’t too many ways to mess up Rice Krispie Treats, but I managed to do it.

We had lots of leftover candy from the candy house we made with Granddad and Granny over Christmas. I’d given some of it away and eaten most of the rest of it, but there was still a bag of mini marsmallows that I knew we’d never use unless we bought a box of Rice Krispies.

What I failed to notice was that these marshmallows were fruit flavored. Fruit flavored? Who even knew they made fruit flavored marshmallows? And why do they make fruit flavored marshmallows? What would you sue them for? I discovered this just before I poured them into the pan of melted butter. I could have stopped, I guess, but there wasn’t time to get a new bag, and I optimistically thought, “Well, maybe it won’t make that much difference.”

It turns out that fruit-flavored marshmallows, in addition to tasting disgusting, lack some essential property of regular marshmallows, which kept them from really sticking to the Rice Krispies. It’s more like they soaked the cereal and made it kind of soggy and stale. Luckily, our friends brought some really good homemade sun-dried tomato pesto and brie. Even if the Krispie treats had been normal, they wouldn’t have compared.

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