ten on tuesday

1. The den has always been my favorite room in the house, and now that there is finally a chair in here, I can sit here and look into the kitchen, and appreciate it all the more.

2. Ten on Tuesday is a little blog thingy I picked up from Katherine, who I met in MN last summer, and also from her sisters, who I don’t even know but on whom I have been blog-spying for many months.

3. H. is in a yelling-screaming-tantrum-rebellion phase. It makes me fear for her teen years. At least four times a day, she explodes without warning into screaming and thrashing on the floor, usually in response to some incredibly unreasonable request by her parents, such as the suggestion that she wash her hands after going to the bathroom.

4. Oh, I hope it’s a phase.

5. We took the tree down Sunday night and the living room looks funny, like we’re missing a piece of furniture. We didn’t put away the rest of the decorations – the nativity sets, the angels, the snowmen placemats – and I’m a little concerned that we’ve grown so accustomed to them that we won’t really notice if they’re still there in July.

6. My family is coming next weekend!

7. We had macaroni and cheese from the Moosewood cookbook tonight. Yum. I did a big cooking fest on Saturday and filled our freezer and refrigerator with food that just needs to be heated up. I had hoped that would mean I’d get to spend some more time with H. instead of getting dinner ready, but tonight, I might as well have cooked, because she spent the entire hour between 5:00 and 6:00 walking around the house wailing because I wouldn’t let her play with the caterpillar game until she went to the bathroom.

8. Even with the macaroni and cheese, Rob and I have stuck to our diet and exercise plan for two whole days.

9. I’m reading The Book Theif again. Either it got less sad, or I’ve become numb to it. I think I might make it through.

10. I just paid the bill for another 13 weeks of home delivery of the local paper. I hope it’s still around in 13 weeks.

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