Ten on Tuesday

1. My 15th high school reunion was last weekend, and I just spent much longer than I meant to looking at photos somebody posted to Facebook. In some kind of alternative universe, I’m sorry I didn’t go because it looks like they had fun. In my real world, there is no way that any enjoyment I might have eeked out of that event would have outweighed the anxiety I would have endured in going.  It was, however, pretty fun to see pictures of the Elks lodge and the Tipton court house, and to realize that all those people who are still teenagers in my head are actually 33.

2. Harper moved up to the three year old classroom at her preschool last week. She is now a Forest Critter instead of a Caterpillar. Today, I found out that tuition in her new classroom is forty dollars less per month! That should make up for all those child admission fees we’re going to have to pay now that she’s moved past the “two and under are free” stage.

3. Can you believe the drama with the Palin family and Levi Johnston? I seriously can’t look away.

4. Our little garden has been only a moderate success this year. We had fresh lettuce for about a month, and we’ve harvested a few green peppers. The tomatoes have been mostly a bust, though the plants themselves are huge, because the birds and squirrels have claimed all the fruit for themselves. On the other hand, we have had a wildly bountiful crop of basil. We’ve been eating pesto on anything I can think of, and the freezer is full of it. I haven’t tried drying it yet; I wonder how you do that?

5. It is an incredible joy to be in town and not preparing a sermon for Sunday, which is the case this week. Our summer intern is preaching, as it’s her last Sunday with us. I’ve done all kinds of things instead – my desk is finally cleared of papers that had gathered there since May, I had coffee with a colleague, and I have hymns picked all the way through Thanksgiving.

6. The top story in the Greensboro newspaper today was a giant typo: A roadwork crew had painted “SHCOOL” on the street in front of a school. I choose not to take that as an indication of the quality of education my daughter will receive here.

7. One of Harper’s birthday presents was a used Sit-and-Spin that I found at a consignment store near us. I knew she would like it, because she played with it one day when we stopped in to look for new shoes. I went back later that week, and there were two of them. I intentionally bought the cheaper one, the one that didn’t light up or make noise or do anything special, so I was as surprised as Harper was when she discovered a switch on the bottom that turns on a loud, electronic, techno beat that sounds like the background music for a 1980’s video game. I wish I had my eight dollars back.

8. I recently got re-hooked up with the Fund for Theological Education, an organization that funded several really formative experiences for me during seminary. They asked me to write a little piece for their new blog (what, does everybody have a blog these days?), which I did.

9. I was listening to my Pandora station while I was cleaning off my desk this morning. My initial input to this station was a song from the Indigo Girls and something from Creedence Clearwater Revival, so I now have a funny mix of folksy girls with guitars and 1970’s classic rock. The thing I love most about Pandora is the response you get when you “like” or “dislike” a song that’s playing. If you like it, a box pops up that says something like, “Okay! We’re glad you like it, and we’ll try to play more songs like this.” If you give it a thumbs-down, the song immediately stops playing, and the pop-up box says, “We’re sorry. We’ll never play that song for you again.” If only everything in life was so responsive to my every whim.

10. It’s a good thing it’s Rob’s turn to go to the gym tomorrow, because I am up much too late.

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