Closet of Araway

One of the reasons it took so long for me to start a blog is that I couldn’t decide what to call it. I was feeling all kinds of pressure to be creative or clever or sweet. I tried out a whole variety of titles – songs, hymns, variations of my name, references to Dr. Seuss – but nothing seemed quite right. (Who cares? you say, and I can only roll my eyes along with you, acknowledging that there are many, many more important things to worry about.)

But at dinner several weeks ago, Harper came through for me. She was chattering away, as usual – she narrates her every thought and talks nonstop – and as she climbed into her chair and reached for her plate, she realized the chair was pushed back away from the table. “Scoot me in, Mama,” she said, and then stammered: “I’m too close – too far away!” And for some reason, Rob and I both thought that was hilarious, or profound, or something: too close to far away. A blog title was born.

Except, of course, that when I typed it into the browser address bar to see if anyone else owned it, I discovered that “close to far away” looks an awful lot like “closet of araway.” I had second thoughts: did I really want my blog to sound like the title of a Harry Potter book?

But by then I was hooked, so “Close to Far Away” it is. Welcome.

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