Ten on Tuesday

1. We had a lovely time in the Outer Banks last week, thanks to Hurricane Earl, who swept through just 48 hours before we were to arrive, leaving us with quiet beaches and beautiful blue skies. We basically spent the whole week swimming, eating, and sleeping, which was just what we all needed. I only opened my computer once and didn’t even make a phone call all week.

2. As I always do when I travel, I took more books and magazines than I could have read in a month. I didn’t even touch the back issues of Christian Century, and I read five pages of a churchy kind of book before going back to Twilight (which I didn’t really enjoy that much, but it was a perfect beach read). I also started I Capture the Castle, which I’m loving. (Thanks, Katherine.)

3. Rob and I watched two unapologetically stupid movies, Dinner for Schmucks and Hot Tub Time Machine, and because I was on vacation and didn’t have anything else to do, I found them both hilarious rather than a colossal waste of time.

4. Because we are still kind of in vacation mode, we went out for ice cream tonight for no particular reason. Rob tried to suggest that it was because Harper had gotten a good report at her 3-year-old check up this morning. But Harper, with a chocolate goatee dripping from her chin, declared, “It’s a special day for ice cream!” which is just about all the justification you need.

5. Speaking of goatees, Rob’s is back. I like it.

6. Speaking of check ups, Harper weighed in at 37 pounds and 39 inches which puts her above the ninetieth percentile on both counts. The doctor was impressed with all her developmental milestones, but I still found myself fighting the urge to brag about things she could do. While he was watching her scribble with a pen, I actually said, “Sometimes she can make an ‘H’ for ‘Harper.'” He said, “That’s great!” but I’m pretty sure he rolled his eyes.

7. I just started a new sermon series on caring for creation. I’m completely off the lectionary and not using any sermon-prep resources other than some books I’ve been reading. I’m really enjoying it so far; I’m feeling much more fresh and creative than I have for awhile. It feels like I’m actually saying something, rather than just regurgitating the commentaries.

8. The kitchen and fellowship hall at church are all under construction, so instead of having our monthly potluck tomorrow night, we’re all going out to eat at a local cafeteria. I am very curious to see how this goes.

9. I signed up for an 8-week writing class at the Servant Leadership School, which is based out of the Episcopal church downtown. It starts tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it, though I don’t know quite what to expect.

10. As I was saying goodnight to Harper just now, I stepped on her toe. I really did feel bad, but I also wanted to tell her that this sort of incident could be easily avoided if she would sleep on her bed instead of the middle of the floor.

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