Part Two

I’m sure you’ve been waiting on pins and needles to find out how the drama with my vitamin prescription turned out, so here it is.

When I finally talked to someone in my doctor’s office, she said they’d sent the only prescription they had on file for me, and that they didn’t have any record of having changed it to the less expensive version. She was sympathetic, but her only suggestion was that I go back to the local pharmacy and ask them why it had been changed without the doctor’s okay.

I couldn’t see how that would get me my $75.00 back, but by then I was also curious as to where along the line the mix-up had happened. So I trekked back to the pharmacy (an actual place! with people you can look at while you’re talking!), where I poured out theĀ  story to the pharmacist. She stopped what she was doing, listened carefully to the whole saga, looked up my file, figured out the problem, pulled out the two different vitamins, showed me that they’re exactly the same but made by different manufacturers, then offered to call my doctor’s office and sort things out, which she did.

Unfortunately, the bottom line is that nobody actually did anything wrong. So it looks like I’m stuck with the $75.00 and the wrong vitamins, but at least my faith in humanity is restored. Now, the real question is this: When I’ve used up this three-month supply, should I order more (of the correct prescription) from the mail-order pharmacy at the reduced rate? Or should I get it from the local place and pay more – six times as much, actually – for the reassurance of knowing I’ll have someone to talk to if there’s a problem and in the hopes that local pharmacies stay in business?

I’m willing to pay more for fair-trade coffee and local produce. Is this any different?

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