Six on the Sixth

1. Sunday is 10/10/10. It seems like that should be significant, somehow.

2. Harper, generous soul that she is, shared her latest cold with me last weekend. I went to bed with a terrible sore throat Saturday night and was sure I wasn’t going to have enough voice to preach with on Sunday, but plenty of tea and cough drops got me through. Whatever it was never flared up into anything more than the sniffles, but nevertheless, I’ve been doing more sleeping than writing these last few days.

3. The construction continues in the church kitchen. Yesterday, the drama was that the long-awaited new stove (with six burners and a huge griddle!) wouldn’t fit through the doors to get into the building. They had to take it back to the warehouse to disassemble it, and we’re trying again tomorrow.

4. Rob made the season’s first batch of chili last night, and now our fridge and freezer are well stocked. Yum.

5. I am taking the day off tomorrow and Friday because Harper’s school is closed for a teacher work day. When I was telling her what I had planned for us to do together she said, “I’m going to make a list,” and then ticked off all our activities: “Library, swim lessons, yoga, make brownies…” That kid may have inherited Rob’s E, but she got my J.

6. The prompts in  my writing class this morning involved imagining myself as an infant, an encounter with an animal, and the interior monologue of an inanimate object. Let’s just say that I won’t be sharing any of those responses.

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