Because Everyone Else Is…

The internet is abuzz today with cute children in Halloween costumes.
Lest we be left out:

She is not just any ladybug, mind you. She is Ladybug Girl, a preschool-age super hero who is the main character of several of our latest favorite books. According to the story, Ladybug Girl is not afraid of anything (except, perhaps, crashing ocean waves), and is definitely not little (no matter what her brother says.)

Our Ladybug Girl got dressed up for the Halloween parade at her school on Friday morning, and then joined up with a sweet little duck for trick-or-treating Sunday night.

The duck and his parents were spending the weekend with us, and we had a lovely time traipsing up and down our block. Harper was a little unsure at first, but once she discovered there was candy involved, she decided this whole Halloween thing was a pretty good idea.

One thought on “Because Everyone Else Is…

  1. At last, Rob gets the experience of Halloween! I can’t think of a better combination than Superman and Ladybug Girl. Where was Wonder Woman?


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