Four on the Fourth

1. I’m seriously thinking of turning off the email capabilities on my smartphone. Do I really need to be receiving church emails at bedtime? Couldn’t I fix and eat dinner with my family without glancing at my phone? Not committing yet, just thinking.

2. I’m an aunt! The long awaited (twelve days late!) Kaylee Elizabeth was born late Tuesday night. Rob has been in Atlanta the last couple of days, holding her and tickling her toes. I have been trying not to be jealous.

3. This Sunday will be my ninth sermon in a row since Labor Day. I am all out of creative preaching energy (which is why I’m writing this dull blog post instead of my sermon). I get a break next week, thankfully, as we scheduled Laity Sunday and the elders are leading the whole service.

4. My sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit tomorrow!

One thought on “Four on the Fourth

  1. I haven’t completely disabled it, because other times it’s convenient (e.g. the overnight retreat I went on last week) but I will often turn off my work email at various times–weekends, days off, etc.

    Good luck as you navigate the boundaries…


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