Several Good Things About Sunday

This Sunday, that is, which began with a much appreciated extra hour of sleep. It was actually sleep this time, as I managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I was up a couple of times with Harper, whose bed had apparently been taken over by monsters, forcing her to make other sleeping arrangements, but I still woke up feeling pretty well rested and ready for the day.

Then church went smoothly and was well attended. We remembered the saints, gave thanks for the veterans, and offered up our pledges for next year. I made it through the children’s moment without saying anything too ridiculous.

Afterward, I had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, ending a too-short but very fun visit. When I got back from taking them to the airport, I found Harper and Rob bundled up and getting ready to “go for a rake.” They spent the next hour playing and raking leaves in the front yard. Harper was a little too young last year to really get into jumping into leaf piles, but today she was all over it. Rob managed to rake the whole yard while she helped. We’ll have to do it again in a few weeks – there are still a lot of leaves on those trees – but it’s a good start.

Then it was back to church for youth group, at which I found myself delightfully unneeded, thanks to the leadership of several other adults who had things entirely under control. The most helpful thing I did was make some copies.

Now I’m home, in my pajamas, watching a movie on our new-to-us TV, whose sound actually works.

One more good thing about Sunday: it’s over.

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