Friday Five: Unexpected Thanks

The game over at Rev Gals today is to name five unexpected things I’m thankful for. I read the prompt this morning and decided to look for unexpected things throughout the day. Here’s what I’m unexpectedly thankful for today:

1. The rear view mirror in the otherwise ridiculous bright red PT Cruiser I’m driving while my car is in the shop. It’s at just the right height to make eye contact with Harper in her car seat, and I got to watch her singing about turkeys on the way to school.

2. The Christmas wish lists I received from several family members, which included gifts that will be fun to look for and give.

3. The apparent lack of a parking meter monitor in downtown Greensboro this morning, where I accidentally parked for two hours without paying a dime.

4. The traffic lights on Wendover Avenue and Market Street, which were timed just right for me to get to my yoga class on time. Almost.

5. My yoga teacher, who was glad to see me, and who used “gratitude” for the theme of the class, so that while I was stretching my hamstrings, I was also feeling thankful for my blessings.

One thought on “Friday Five: Unexpected Thanks

  1. It was nice to imagine you looking in the rear view mirror at Harper, which brought back memories of me doing the same. That’s a nice thought as I anticipate the birth of my first grandchild! It was fun to read about your surprises for this day.


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