I Was Right

Rob was at an extra-long choir rehearsal tonight, so Harper and I spent the evening making Christmas cards for her teachers at school and at church.

See those sticker-dots she’s using to decorate the tree? I bought those in August of 2003, and used them to designate whether guests would get chicken, fish, or vegetarian meals at our wedding.

That’s right. I’ve kept them for seven years, through three states and five homes. I knew they’d come in handy some day.

3 thoughts on “I Was Right

    1. Well, now you’ve made me feel guilty about my “mean” comment. Of course I love you for keeping all that crap and I love you more for being so proud of yourself about it. 🙂


  1. I love getting to see all the pictures of Harper on a regular basis. She really is adorable. Hopefully when we get up and running, I’ll be able to share pictures of Kaylee as well. As for saving all your stickers, I’d like to scold you. However, I’m sure that I have stickers in my house that date back much farther than these do. Maybe if I moved every couple of years I would actually clean out some of these things.


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