Ten on Tuesday: State of the Union Edition

1. That woman who pointed at herself and mouthed “That’s me!” when Obama mentioned her? She’s from the next town over from Greensboro. The local news just showed a clip of the woman’s mother, who was watching the speech at home. When the camera flashed to her daughter, she said, “That’s my Kathy!”

2. In the middle of the speech, Rob said, “Wow. He’s a preacher.” Yep.

3. The phrase “win the future” is poetic, but what the heck does it mean? Is it a race? Is there a finish line? Is Marty McFly involved? If so, I could get on board.

4. And really, why does it have to be a competition? What if he had called on America to work with other countries instead of racing against them?

5. I did love the references to the space race: “This is our Sputnik moment.” I was right there with him. Let’s go! To the moon! Or, you know, to better education in math and science.

6. On the other hand, where was the call for artists, writers, musicians, and dreamers? We need them, too.

7. I wish he had given us something specific to do. He had plenty of suggestions for congress members, but what about the rest of us? Other than his call for young people to make a difference by becoming teachers and encouraging parents to read to their children, he didn’t tell us what we could do to help America “win the future.” (I wonder if people feel like that at the end of my sermons?)

8. The whole “date night” aspect was pretty hilarious, especially when NBC showed people sitting with their “dates.” Barbara Mikulski just said, “We came in two by two, like Noah’s Ark.” That would be an interesting metaphor to carry to its conclusion.

9. I hope he’s serious about the high-speed rail. I could get into taking the train.

10. I do think our democracy is pretty amazing.

3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: State of the Union Edition

  1. Re: #4, as a US citizen now living in Canada, I have seen two totally different forms of patriotism or love of country. It seems as if the Canadians are able to say, “We live in a pretty great country, and that makes us happy. Sure, we’re not perfect, but we are working on it. Oh, and you’re country is pretty great, too? Well, that’s wonderful that we have some pretty great counties out there.” While the US seems to say, “We’re the greatest country! And we’ll prove it. We’re better than you and everyone else. And if you criticize us, well, then there’s the border, you’re free to leave. We’re the best!! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!!”

    That said, I still feel my loyalty to the USA. I watched our president last night, and I have never watched Stephen Harper give a speech. I wonder if Canada even has a State of the Nation speech. Hmm… I probably should figure that out.


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