Ten on Tuesday

Today, I’m grateful for:

1. Leftover vegetable lasagna someone left in the church refrigerator that became our dinner.

2. Not being in the blizzard that everyone else I know is getting slammed with. (Okay, a little part of me would like to be hunkered down in a blizzard. But we’ve had enough of that here, thank you. Stay warm, Chicago and St. Louis, and the rest of you.)

3. A growing kid: she learned how to zip her own jacket on Saturday, and she will be very glad to show you if you’d like. She is quite proud of herself.

4. A healthy husband, who ran more than 3 miles this morning as part of a regular work out – something he couldn’t have done a year ago.

5. A clean house.

6. A nice dinner with new friends last night.

7. The new “Art Station” Harper and I set up over the weekend, using her easel and her new little table and chairs, and some handy bins I found at Ikea last week. I have some lovely pictures, but they are too big to post and I don’t have the energy to figure out how to resize them.

8. Capable church leaders who get things done.

9. A weekend coming up with nothing scheduled and no Sunday evening commitments, thanks to some big football game or something.

10. The end of a very long day.

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