Ten on Tuesday

1. This will be short and quick, as I’m trying to get my blogging muscles warmed back up.

2. Rob Bell has a new book coming out. It’s about hell. Read my friend Bromleigh’s take on it here.

3. I signed up for 750 Words this month. It’s a gimmicky little website that encourages you to write at least 750 words of something every day. It keeps track of whether you’ve written, and how much, and gives you points on a cumulative basis. (I’m up to 38; I don’t really understand how I got there or if that’s good or not.) I really fell out of writing practice in the last several weeks – February was so busy, in mostly good ways, and I feel like I’m still digging out – so I thought this would be a good way to jumpstart things again. I set out to see if I could do it every day, and so far (as of March 8), I’ve written something every day, though yesterday I only managed 137 words before deciding my time would be better spent sleeping.

4. Harper had her first trip to the dentist today, and she was a rock star. After only a moment’s hesitation, she climbed up into the chair and held her mouth open, before the hygienist had even gotten all her equipment together. She had her cleaning, took x-rays, and got a strawberry flavored fluoride treatment, and topped it all off with two stickers, a plastic ring, and a brand-new monkey toothbrush. The dentist said her teeth looked great.

5. I went to the dentist today, too. The dentist said my teeth looked pretty good, which I’ll take, since my teeth are 31 years older than Harper’s. No stickers for me, though I did get a new toothbrush and a reprimand about not flossing every day.

6. Why do I say “You’re fine,” to strangers who apologize to me? As in: at the gym today, I was following a woman out of the locker room and she didn’t know I was there so didn’t hold the door for me. “Oh, sorry,” she said when she realized what had happened. “You’re fine,” I said, which makes no sense. She was not, as far as I could tell, asking me to affirm her self-worth.

7. I paid a dollar for a bottle of water at the gym concession stand instead of walking back out to my car to get the bottle I’d left there. I am not proud of this fact.

8. The first song on my running playlist is “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion),” and I cannot resist making subtle little punches in the air during first few bars, and well, really, throughout the whole song. You know, where the music goes, “Baaaa, ba, ba, ba, baaaa, ba-da-baaaa.” I wonder if the guy on the treadmill next to me noticed. Here, go listen, and tell me you can hear the beginning of this song without doing some kind of jabbing motion with your arms.

9. The second song on my playlist is “Take On Me,” which has kind of the same problem.

10. I am determined to run a 5K on March 27, for a variety of reasons, one of which is the fact that I will turn 34 that week, and it seems like a good way to mark the occasion. I ran two miles today. Surely I can add another mile in the next two and a half weeks, right? Rob is pushing the stroller this time, though.

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. I am also an unrepentant nonflosser. Well, it’s not that I WANT to be unrepentant. I just haven’t gotten around to repenting yet.

    And, I am also an affirmer of strangers’ self-worth. I mutter “you’re fine” all the time.

    And, it makes me inexplicably happy that we share these things.


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