Quiet Week

I know I’m probably jinxing this just by writing it down, but it’s been a remarkably quiet week around here. That is, at least compared to last week, which was one of those weeks with something every night and back to back appointments most days. Rob was out of town for half the week so Harper and I were on our own. On Wednesday, in the middle of a carefully crafted evening schedule which included swim lessons, dinner, and the Ash Wednesday service with little wiggle room left over, I discovered that I had neglected to send a bug catcher to school with Harper, leaving her, apparently, the only child in the class without one. (This child wants for nothing, I realize, and she will hardly be scared for life by this one oversight, but goodness, you should have seen her eyes when she told me, “I didn’t have a bug catcher, and I was sad”).

This week, totally different. Hardly anything on the schedule during the day, and only one evening commitment, a dinner which only required my presence and not my leadership. Rob is home, everybody’s healthy, and other than something green to wear today, Harper has required no special equipment at school.

Also, I passed my 12th week of pregnancy last week, and though I hadn’t been particularly sick, I had been very tired, and already I feel better. (See how I just slipped that in, in the middle of a post about something else? To answer the most common questions: late September; feeling fine, just constantly hungry; and we’re not sure about finding out the gender. It’s a source of some debate at our house.)

Anyway, it’s been a quiet week, and I’m trying to just go with it. I didn’t cram my empty calendar full of things I ought to be doing. I didn’t even do any long-term planning. I went home at lunch one day and did the dishes. I folded laundry and talked to my dad on the phone one night. Rob and I had a spontaneous lunch date yesterday. I’m not slacking off, mind you. I was at the hospital at 7:15 this morning, and back again after lunch. I worked with our technology person to update several things on the website (by the way, you should check out this cool art project we’re doing for Lent). I got some writing done, and started a book about ministry that’s been sitting on my desk for months. I’ve worked on the details of a new copier contract. My sermon’s well on its way to being done in time to take tomorrow off. This afternoon, I might even get upstairs to the church library, where I have been given the auspicious task of recommending which books stay and which go.

I’m sure this is short-lived, and it’ll be busy again soon. But I’ll take it while it lasts.

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