Ten on Tuesday

1. A severe thunderstorm and several almost-tornadoes rolled through here last night, and today, the neighborhood is littered with downed trees. One at the end of our street crushed a carport, and another a block over landed on the roof of a front porch. There’s nothing quite like a downed tree, I think, to put things in perspective.

2. We got off lucky. The grill got knocked over, and one of our lawn chairs ended up on the neighbor’s fence, but all the tree limbs stayed in tact.

3. In other news, we got a new copier at church. It is amazing. It prints in color, prints directly from our computers, scans documents and sends them to email, prints from a flash drive, and – in a vast improvement over the old machine – prints copies without black specks all over them.

4. Since the arrival of the copier, I have been been joking to everyone that I’m waiting for it to make us lunch, too, since it seems to do everything else. The copier salesman laughed politely, but the next two people barely chuckled. Tonight, though, walking out of a meeting, I tried again, and got a major guffaw from a couple of people. I knew it was funny.

5. It’s so cool to repeat the same joke over and over, I know.

6. Speaking of lunch, today I ate the last of the pesto I had made and frozen at the end of the basil season last fall. Another two weeks or so, and we can plant some more.

7. As I suspected, it didn’t take me long to read Love Wins. (It didn’t hurt that Rob and Harper were out of town for the weekend and I had several long stretches of time for reading.) I liked it quite a lot, and wrote a review for Fidelia’s Sisters.

8. The hubbub swirling around Bell’s book is almost as interesting as the book itself. If you’re interested, here’s a really good review, and here’s a good response to a critical review, and here’s a really funny parody of the whole thing.

9. Harper has taken to talking in a different “language” sometimes. She’ll look right at me and say something in complete jibberish, expecting a response. It’s pretty adorable when we’re not in a hurry. It’s exasperating when we’re trying to get into pajamas.

10. Here, in a nutshell, is a preview of what we need to send with Harper and/or how she is supposed to dress for the next two weeks: Monday – Crazy Hair; Tuesday – Favorite Character; Wednesday – Wacky Tacky (we don’t understand this one – any ideas?); Thursday – Pajamas; Friday – Silly Hat/Bubbles/Kites; Monday – Bring two hard boiled eggs; Tuesday – Bring 16 candy-filled plastic eggs; Wednesday – Bring basket for egg hunt; Thursday – Egg hunt and Easter Party. Mornings are going to be really fun around here for awhile.

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