Four on the Fourth

1. Several months ago now, I was invited to participate in a “Young Leaders” sermon series for Day1 Radio, a weekly broadcast that includes preachers from a variety of mainline Protestant traditions. I recorded my sermon back in February, and it airs this weekend. You can find a radio station at, where the transcript of the sermon is also posted. You should be able to listen online, as well, but the recording doesn’t seem to be up yet.

2. I had a theological conversation with a good friend this morning about, among other things, the death of bin Laden and our reactions to the news. Some of what we talked about found its way into my church’s midweek message today.

3. On a lighter note, it is strawberry season in North Carolina! Harper and I picked two big baskets on Monday, and so far, we’ve eaten them at every meal. I though we’d gotten enough to freeze some, but I think we might just eat them all.

4. And finally, I’m going to be doing a little construction on the blog here shortly – it’s time for a new look, don’t you think? – so please pardon my dust, and come back soon.

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