Ten on the Tenth

1. Theoretically, I’m writing this morning, while Harper is off at school – it’s water play day, so I didn’t feel too bad about sending her on my day off. Water play with her friends is way more interesting than anything I would have come up with.

2. This list is my attempt at getting my brain jump-started in the hopes that actual paragraphs will start forming. I don’t remember this whole pregnancy-brain thing last time around, if that’s what it is. I have not been able to think clearly all week.

3. For example, I set up a very important and not-easily-changed event for June 22, specifically to coincide with our monthly third Wednesday dinner.

4. June 22 is the fourth Wednesday of the month.

5. On Tuesday of this week, we got a new closet in our bedroom and a new tree in our front yard. The tree was a housewarming gift from the congregation, a dogwood. It’s lovely, and much nicer than the random bush it replaced. The closet was a project we’ve been working on for awhile. It’s lovely, too, though it’s not done: it needs paint, and some kind of organizational system. At the moment, all of our clothes are on the living room floor. Our bedroom looks very neat, however, which is nice.

6. I have some lovely pictures from our trip to Minnesota, and from our visit with cousin Kaylee a few weeks ago. The thought of getting them off the camera, onto the computer, and re-sized to fit on the blog is more than my brain can handle at the moment. (See #2.)

7. Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the wedding of some very good friends of ours. I was the maid of honor. It turned out that the best man was kind of cute, and I married him two years later. (Actually, we’d already been dating for three years at that point, but it was fun to pretend we’d just met. The photographer was a little shocked at how friendly we were.)

8. Harper has become quite the story-teller lately. She uses vivid descriptions, big words, and lots of hand motions. It takes awhile, but it’s worth it.

9. You should see the sanctuary at church, dressed up for Pentecost this Sunday. There are red and orange tissue-paper flowers everywhere. It really does look like something’s on fire. (I’ll try to take a picture, but see #6.)

10. During an un-planned nap yesterday afternoon, I dreamed that I was on a tour of the ancient monasteries used by the desert fathers. My parents and sister were there, along with several people from church. At one point, I stood very still on a spot that Gregory of Nyssa had stood, and I could feel the baby kicking. Oh, pregnancy dreams.

One thought on “Ten on the Tenth

  1. Oh, No! The Dreaded Moses Flying Hands! Stand back! The winds created by too many Mosi in the same room all talking at the same time is like unto Hurricani!

    (…as in Hippopotami. Oh, no! Hippo!)


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