Wednesday Miscellany

1. Daytime television is truly, truly terrible. I knew this already, but was reminded today when I tried to find something to watch while I ate my lunch. Because, you know, I needed a break from the completely nothing I’d been doing all morning – I’m on leave this week, but no baby yet. Rob and I still have our bets on tomorrow, the official due date, but I’m starting to wonder…

2. Last night, Harper and I played two rousing games of Chutes and Ladders, both of which she won, fair and square. In the second game, she managed to hit the long center ladder and the long center chute three times in a row; she was undeterred by her rapid changes of fortune, and eventually hit the long ladder again and beat me in my slow, sluggish ascent to the top. The game we are using is a seriously old-school version: one of the kids in the pictures on the board is wearing a pair of pants and a turtleneck that I’m pretty sure I owned in 1983. The game was a gift from my good friend Becca, who used to humor me by playing it with me late at night in our college student union (yes, college). It’s great fun to think of Becca and the mustard yellow paint of the Kellogg Center while watching Harper scoot up and down the board.

3. People at church have generously stocked our freezer with food for after the baby is born. We will be well-fed for quite a while. One well-intentioned friend, however, included two bags of brownies. Did she really think I could keep from eating those while home all this week by myself?

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