Farmer of the Day

You might think that the most exciting thing going on around here this month is waiting for this baby (who has yet to arrive, on the due date. Someone needs to tell this kid that we do things on time in this family!)

But you would be wrong. Oh, no, it is not the arrival of the new baby that has been the main topic of conversation for the past three weeks. It has been Harper’s upcoming opportunity to be Farmer of the Day.

You don’t know what that means? Well, then clearly, you are not a parent of a preschooler in the Barnyard Buddies pre-K classroom. Every day in September, one of the Barnyard Buddy kids gets a chance to be “Farmer of the Day.” The lucky friend gets to wear a paper crown all day – I’m not sure why it’s not a farmer hat – bring a special toy and two books from home, and a favorite snack to share. She also gets to bring a poster (homemade, with much help from her parents, foreshadowing years of science fair projects) that tells all about her family.

It is a very big deal.

Harper’s big day was Monday, and despite the fact that she came home early, with a fever (her mean mommy had made her go to school that morning even though she said she didn’t feel good), she seems to have enjoyed the day. She stayed home sick on Tuesday, but was back to normal yesterday, so when I picked her up yesterday afternoon, I finally got to see all the Farmer of the Day paraphernalia she’d received. Throughout the day, the classroom “stations” are set up with special activities that start with the same letter as the Farmer of the Day’s name. So Monday featured Harper’s Handmade Jewelry, Harper’s Hats, and Harper’s Handmade Pizza Shop. It wasn’t a requirement that the snack we brought also start with an H, but we were pretty tickled to think of Harper’s Hummus and Pretzels, which is, indeed, her favorite.

The best thing, however, was a “Farmer of the Day” book put together by her teachers. Each page is a drawing by one of her classmates, and a sentence about why he or she likes Harper. It’s like a combination of a high school yearbook and those end-of-the-week affirmation things we used to do at church camp. She had fun showing it to us last night. Many of the affirmations had to do with playing on the tire swing, but my favorite was this: “I like Harper because she’s nice to everyone and to me.”

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