Six Weeks

They say six weeks is a big milestone in the life of a baby. Jonathan was six weeks old yesterday. He’s starting to smile every once in a while, and ever so slowly, I’m seeing some routines in his schedule. He’s sleeping longer at night, especially (I discovered reluctantly), if I avoid caffeine.

It’s a big milestone for the mom, too. I went out to lunch with some friends yesterday and wore regular clothes and talked about something other than babies. I’m starting to look forward to going back to work (though I’m going to treasure these last couple of weeks). I think it’s probably time for a hair cut, and shoes other than sneakers. I’ve been doing a little writing.

It’s also starting to feel more and more like Jonathan belongs in our family. I’m getting used to the idea of “all four of us.” It’s not that weird anymore to have two kids to bathe and dress. Jonathan has been sleeping in his crib, and I sometimes look at the two of them sleeping in their now-shared room and think, this makes sense.

In honor of six weeks, six pictures:

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