Ten on Tuesday

1. January swept in and kicked me in the face with a cold snap and a mile-long to-do list. After a couple weeks of inconsistent schedules, I’m glad to be back at work and getting things done, but hoo, boy, there’s a lot to do.

2. My sweet husband bought me a lovely new winter coat for Christmas, ignoring my instructions to not spend that much on it. It’s warm, it fits me perfectly, and it’s well made. In my deliberations about whether or not to keep it, I realized I haven’t bought a new coat in at least seven years. Maybe I’ll keep this one for ten.

3. My sweet little boy has a bit of a cold and a cough. He’s been kind of mopey and not nearly as smiley as usual, but he’s darn cute when he sneezes.

4. My sweet little girl is having an amazing maturity-spurt (is that a thing? Like a growth spurt, but not physical.) She’s been patient, helpful, accommodating, creative, kind, funny, and generally delightful to have around.

5. Also, she learned how to tie her shoes. I thought her face was going to explode, she was so proud of herself.

5. Also, last night, she sang the entire first verse of Angels We Have Heard on High, including the chorus, in her sleep. I’m not kidding.

6. You know what I’m not doing much of these days? Exercising.

7. Rob and I only have five more episodes to go in How I Met Your Mother, which we’ve been watching on DVD since last summer. My favorite line, still: “You’re a sturdy cheese-bearing cracker!”

8. We spent the day in Raleigh yesterday, just the four of us (I wonder when it will stop being weird to say “the four of us”…). We went to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, which was great fun. We got to touch a hissing cockroach and a box turtle, saw the bones of a dinosaur 150 million years old, and learned about blue morpho butterflies. Today, I heard an interview with Stephan Hawking, who is studying things I can’t even begin to understand. The world is an incredible place.

9. It’s not too late to share Christmas pictures, is it? ‘Cause look at this one:

10. Okay, January. Bring it on.

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