3 thoughts on “A Memo to My Children

  1. Don’t these children understand that we give them 12+ hours of the day. We only ask that they leave us alone for the rest. I don’t think it is that much to ask. I hope sleep comes easier tonight.


  2. Ah, I actually long for the days when little warm bodies would climb into bed with us. Snuggles and giggles, pokes and complaints with grumpy voices saying “He touched me” and”I did not” followed by the under-the-covers wrestling match. All the commotion seemed so family-familiar and comforting. I’d moan to my parents and friends that I was sleep -walking through life and how I understood how a prisoner of war would talk after suffering through sleep deprivation. I’d tell anyone anything to get a few good nights’ worth of rest.

    Then, the days came when I’d ask, “Don’t you guys want to come snuggle tomorrow morning?” would be answered with “Mother, I’m too old for that.”

    I think, “But I’m not.”

    Wait a bit. Soon you’ll have two little folks in-between two big folks


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