Two on Tuesday

1. There’s an article in the Atlantic this month called “Is Facebook Making us Lonely?” I haven’t actually read it, but it’s a variation on a theme that keeps popping up: is the internet good for us or not? I’ve read good answers on both sides, but here’s one way that the internet is not good for us, or at least, for me and my mental health: it makes me feel bad about all the things I’m not doing. Everywhere I look, it seems, people are finding time to go running, or take yoga classes, or can peaches, or sew their own clothes, or read books, or watch movies. These are people who are have just as many responsibilities at home and work as I do. And then they are finding time to blog about it. I am doing none of those things, and can’t even manage a full ten on Tuesday. Can I please blame the internet for my feeling bad about this, instead of my own neurosis?

2. There are lots of good pictures from our vacation last week: babies napping on beach towels, Harper building sandcastles, jumping in the surf, playing with aunts and uncles and grandparents. But here is my favorite, a certain niece and aunt getting their hair done together.


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