Twelve on Twelve

I’ve had a Soulemama kind of weekend. I worked in the garden, shopped at the farmer’s market, made homemade baby food and strawberry freezer jam, hung clothes on the line to dry and played with my baby on a quilt in the back yard. (Soulemama would have made the quilt herself, probably before breakfast this morning.)

Squash, in the church garden.


A traffic jam in downtown Greensboro, which never happens, except in the case of some kind of fund-raiser walk (which was the case this morning) or when news vans camp out to catch the latest sketchy details of the trial of a certain former presidential candidate.
The farmer's market, bursting with early summer


There's something so optimistic about basil and tomato plants in May.


Tea party with friends


Harper and her friend lasted about ten minutes on the slip-n-slide before getting cold. It's not quite summer yet.


Watching the big kids. Another week or so, and he won't stay put on that blanket.


Pureed yellow peas. Yum.


Cute clothes on the line.


I suppose I could claim he's actually waving.


What you can't see in this picture is that I'm wearing a shirt that says "Tipton All-Stars," which is at least 20 years old. It must have been a rough season that year, if they let me on the all-star team. Also, doesn't it look like Jonathan is wondering how he ended up with these goofballs?


The end of a lovely day


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