Things I Love about Greensboro: Festival of Lights

High on the list of things I love about Greensboro (which also includes the Fourth of July parade, the downtown library, the science center, the children’s museum, the cheap downtown parking, the farmer’s market, the Grasshoppers, the community theater’s production of Wizard of Oz, and well, lots of other things) is the annual Festival of Lights. Elm Street, the main north-south road through downtown, gets closed off, and you can walk up and down the street, listening to music, shopping at little markets, and finally making your way to Center City Park, where the giant tree is lit. It has become a tradition of ours – this is our fourth Christmas here! Long enough to have traditions!

This guy was hanging out next to the fake-snow-maker, which essentially just spit soapy water into the air and made the street slick underneath. But if you looked up and squinted, you could kind of imagine a gentle Midwestern snowfall.

We’ve never been to anything here. We should rectify that.

Yes, this is that Woolworths.

We somehow missed the actual lighting of the tree (though we swear we were there on time.) No one seemed to mind, though.

Thanks, Greensboro.

2 thoughts on “Things I Love about Greensboro: Festival of Lights

  1. We were also downtown last night and we got to the part at 7:25 and they were counting down for the tree. I’m not sure who was keeping the time clock, but they were definitely early. It was a beautiful night for a stroll.


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