A completely random collection of inconsequential thoughts on a Friday afternoon

This post is brought to you in conjunction with Harper, who is sitting next to me, reading a book about birds and other animals. She would like us to know that the Amazon rain forest is almost twice the size of India.

Are we in trouble when this kid is a teenager, or what?

This morning, I spoke at a breakfast meeting of the Children’s Ministry Network at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly. The highlight of the event was a young mom who came up to me to tell me she has a 9-week-old baby, and that our book came along at just the right time.

(Did you know that jaguars are nocturnal? True story.)

Jonathan turned 21 months yesterday, and, as is probably to be expected, is alternately hilarious and infuriating. This morning, he made up a little game where he pretended to be stuck in a chair, and then he’d triumphantly climb out of the chair and say, “Got it!” He repeated this a dozen times. That was delightful. Not so delightful was how mad he got at me last night when his feet didn’t fit into the shoes he wore a year ago.

(“Is that more than two sentences, Mom? Are you using periods?”)

He has also developed a little habit of pointing to any bald man and saying, “Daddy!” I assume (because anything else would be weird), that he means, Hey, that man has hair like my dad!”

Helping harvest lettuce.

Speaking of bald men, the other morning I was out for a run, and about three blocks from home, I saw a man running toward me that I was absolutely sure was Rob. Same running outfit, same build, no hair… We’ve been alternating mornings, and I was positive that we’d agreed I was going running this morning, but maybe we’d gotten our signals crossed – last I’d seen Rob, he was heading upstairs to the shower, or so I thought. But then, there he was, out running too, leaving our children vulnerable and home alone. I picked up my pace, waiting for him to notice me and have a similar moment of panic, but he didn’t react at all. Turns out, it was somebody else. Rob was home, the kids were safe, all was well. Whew.

(“Do you have one more thing to do? Or is that your last thing?”)

Tomorrow morning, we are both going running together, thanks to some generous friends who agreed to hang out with the kids while we run in a 10K race. When I signed up for this back in early May, I forgot how hot it can be in Greensboro in late June. Six miles in 80+ degrees? Ugh. But I think we’ll make it.

And finally, there are more than 200 kinds of owls in the world. Living with a five-year-old is very educational.

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