1. Yesterday, some unexplained forces turned our normally kind, sweet, and funny five-year-old into a moody, eye-rolling, sarcastic teenager with occasional 2-year-old tendencies. It was really fun. Could we just have one age at a time, please? 2.While fixing dinner, I looked down to find Jonathan lying on his stomach on the kitchen floor, smearingContinue reading “Miscellany”

A Card of Her Own

I am, generally, a very responsible person. I follow rules. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket. I like deadlines and most of the time, meet them. With one glaring exception: I cannot, for the life of me, return books to the library on time. While I don’t particularly mind supporting the library through these unintendedContinue reading “A Card of Her Own”

A Rambling Post that Begins with a Book Review and Ends with a Photograph

More than one person has recommended The Hunger Games trilogy recently, and one friend passed on her copies of all three books last week. I’d planned to leave them to Rob to read – they’re more up his alley – but I needed something to take on my trip this week to Boston to visitContinue reading “A Rambling Post that Begins with a Book Review and Ends with a Photograph”

Good Books I Don’t Want to Read

End-of-the-year book lists are all over the place lately, with editors, authors, and even movie stars pontificating about their favorite titles of 2010. I found myself unreasonably jealous of an NPR correspondent today, as she ticked off a list of at least 15 books that were her favorites of the year; I was imagining (wrongly,Continue reading “Good Books I Don’t Want to Read”

Reframing Hope: Book Review

I’d been carrying around Carol Howard Merritt’s new book, Reframing Hope: Vital Ministry in a New Generation´╗┐, for several weeks before finally settling down with it on the clergywomen retreat I went on last last month. It rained most of the time we were there, so I spent my afternoons tucked into a corner ofContinue reading “Reframing Hope: Book Review”