Any May a Beautiful Change: 2013

Last May, a year ago, my good friend Katherine hosted a blog carnival and invited her readers to write about a “beautiful change.” I wrote about the first week I spent at the Collegeville Institue, which was the week I met Katherine (in the oddest cab ride ever), and the week when Hopes and FearsContinue reading “Any May a Beautiful Change: 2013”


1. Yesterday, some unexplained forces turned our normally kind, sweet, and funny five-year-old into a moody, eye-rolling, sarcastic teenager with occasional 2-year-old tendencies. It was really fun. Could we just have one age at a time, please? 2.While fixing dinner, I looked down to find Jonathan lying on his stomach on the kitchen floor, smearingContinue reading “Miscellany”

Things I Love about Greensboro: Festival of Lights

High on the list of things I love about Greensboro (which also includes the Fourth of July parade, the downtown library, the science center, the children’s museum, the cheap downtown parking, the farmer’s market, the Grasshoppers, the community theater’s production of Wizard of Oz, and well, lots of other things) is the annual Festival ofContinue reading “Things I Love about Greensboro: Festival of Lights”

A Card of Her Own

I am, generally, a very responsible person. I follow rules. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket. I like deadlines and most of the time, meet them. With one glaring exception: I cannot, for the life of me, return books to the library on time. While I don’t particularly mind supporting the library through these unintendedContinue reading “A Card of Her Own”

Show Business

I’m not always entirely clear on how God answers prayers, especially the very specific “please-let-me-find-a-parking-space” variety. But I’m pretty sure there was some kind of divine intervention this afternoon when I said to myself, “If I have to play one more game of Tickle Monster with this five-year-old or dig this baby out of theContinue reading “Show Business”