Things that made me happy today

Sunshine. Sweet, sweet sunshine. I walked outside for a block on my way to lunch downtown, and felt better than I have for weeks. The realization that Rob and I will get to see all four of our parents in the next two weeks, for a variety of reasons. We have very good parents. HostingContinue reading “Things that made me happy today”


1. Yesterday, some unexplained forces turned our normally kind, sweet, and funny five-year-old into a moody, eye-rolling, sarcastic teenager with occasional 2-year-old tendencies. It was really fun. Could we just have one age at a time, please? 2.While fixing dinner, I looked down to find Jonathan lying on his stomach on the kitchen floor, smearingContinue reading “Miscellany”

Ten on Tuesday: Things I Love About Greensboro Edition

1. The Greensboro Grasshoppers, our minor league baseball team, who are in the championship finals right now, for the first time in 11 years. We went to the game tonight, and though the score was not looking good when we left after the 8th inning, it was still a lovely outing for a September evening.Continue reading “Ten on Tuesday: Things I Love About Greensboro Edition”

Four on the Fourth

1. Several months ago now, I was invited to participate in a “Young Leaders” sermon series for Day1 Radio, a weekly broadcast that includes preachers from a variety of mainline Protestant traditions. I recorded my sermon back in February, and it airs this weekend. You can find a radio station at, where the transcriptContinue reading “Four on the Fourth”