Remembering how to write: take 1

Gin and grapefruit juice, with extra lime, on the front porch at sunset after too many Zoom calls and too many problems with no answers. “It’s not the safest choice,” he says after we have all but decided to send the kids back to school in person. “We have to acknowledge that.” I almost alwaysContinue reading “Remembering how to write: take 1”

A completely random collection of inconsequential thoughts on a Friday afternoon

This post is brought to you in conjunction with Harper, who is sitting next to me, reading a book about birds and other animals. She would like us to know that the Amazon rain forest is almost twice the size of India. This morning, I spoke at a breakfast meeting of the Children’s Ministry NetworkContinue reading “A completely random collection of inconsequential thoughts on a Friday afternoon”

Show Business

I’m not always entirely clear on how God answers prayers, especially the very specific “please-let-me-find-a-parking-space” variety. But I’m pretty sure there was some kind of divine intervention this afternoon when I said to myself, “If I have to play one more game of Tickle Monster with this five-year-old or dig this baby out of theContinue reading “Show Business”

The Post I Should Have Written on May 9

I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to say in the wake of North Carolina’s primary election on May 8. You know, the one in which voters agreed to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions (and any other legal domestic partnerships for any couples). It’s a terrible amendment. It shouldn’tContinue reading “The Post I Should Have Written on May 9”