Because it has been a really long time since my last post.

Things Harper has been doing lately:

– eating spinach, and with gusto. As in: if I say, “Let’s make fruit smoothies for supper,” she says, “with spinach!”
– reading words. Seriously. Like “bat” and “hat,” but also “moon” and “balloon.”
– writing on her skin, with markers, pens, anything she can get her hands on.
– declaring such activity an “accident” when I ask her not to do it.
– skinning her knees. Both of them.
– practicing her manners, including reprimanding me if I forget to say “You’re welcome.”
– getting ready for bed by herself.
– refusing to put her socks on by herself.
– wanting to sit on my lap a lot, as if she knows she’s about to have to share it.
– talking a lot about God.
– reading her new Bible storybook nonstop.
– painting.
– writing her name, and arguing with me about which way the “e” goes.

I think I’m going to like four.