More Than Enough: Living Abundantly in a Culture of Excess

All our daily choices have an impact on the earth and the people around us: choices about where we shop, what we eat, what we give away. But can we really do anything to help? Can we find joy in our own lives when there is so much pain in the world? Sorting out the answers gets overwhelming and complicated very quickly.

With a blend of practical reflection and insight on topics from guilt to delight, More than Enough goes beyond a call to gratitude and generosity and invites the reader to a new way of life, one that is grounded in the hope and grace of God.

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There’s also a worship planning guide, for church leaders who want to incorporate themes from the book in worship.

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Hopes and Fears: Everyday Theology for New Parents and Other Tired, Anxious People
with Bromleigh McCleneghan

Hopes and Fears is neither a “how-to” book nor a mere meditation. Rather, the authors seek to find the beautiful and the spiritual in the sometimes mundane activities that parents have performed since the beginning of history, while at the same time allowing beautiful and spiritual insights of the past to inform and shape the activities of modern parenting. Thus, the words of a hymn can trigger an idea about how to deal with bedtime, and an exercise in baby-naming can lead to a better understanding of a passage in Isaiah. The intertwining of the spiritual and familial in this book constantly surprises and delights: a quote from Paul Tillich can stand next to one from Tina Fey or What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

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Gifts of Gilead
with Amy Lignitz Harken

Though the popular novel Gilead is the story of a dying man, it is not a story about death. Harken and Moses read Gilead as a celebration of life and all its gifts. As the main character of Gilead reflects back over a long life, he finds blessing in sorrow and joy in mere existence. He remembers times gone by and lessons learned. He gives thanks for the many gifts of life. This study guide travels alongside the life of Gilead‘s character John Ames III, pausing to reflect on the scriptures, theological concepts, and worldly experiences that define his life and the lives of those around him. As we travel with Ames, we share his quest for answers, join him in prayer, and maybe even gain a little insight into humanity’s relationship with God.