Four on the Fourth

1. Several months ago now, I was invited to participate in a “Young Leaders” sermon series for Day1 Radio, a weekly broadcast that includes preachers from a variety of mainline Protestant traditions. I recorded my sermon back in February, and it airs this weekend. You can find a radio station at, where the transcriptContinue reading “Four on the Fourth”

Ten on Tuesday: State of the Union Edition

1. That woman who pointed at herself and mouthed “That’s me!” when Obama mentioned her? She’s from the next town over from Greensboro. The local news just showed a clip of the woman’s mother, who was watching the speech at home. When the camera flashed to her daughter, she said, “That’s my Kathy!” 2. InContinue reading “Ten on Tuesday: State of the Union Edition”

Green Coveralls

It’s hard to even imagine. Those miners have been trapped a half-mile underground in the San Jose mine in northern Chile since August 5. That’s sixty-eight days. Think about everything that’s happened in the last sixty-eight days. On August 5, it was still summer. We were wearing sandals and planning trips to the beach. Now,Continue reading “Green Coveralls”