Four on the Fourth

1. Several months ago now, I was invited to participate in a “Young Leaders” sermon series for Day1 Radio, a weekly broadcast that includes preachers from a variety of mainline Protestant traditions. I recorded my sermon back in February, and it airs this weekend. You can find a radio station at, where the transcriptContinue reading “Four on the Fourth”

Waiting for Christmas Eve

This was my midweek message for the church this morning, the fourth in a series about my favorite Advent traditions: One of my favorite Advent traditions (in addition to lighting the Advent wreath, reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and shopping for gifts), is going to church on Christmas Eve. I don’t think there’s beenContinue reading “Waiting for Christmas Eve”

Green Coveralls

It’s hard to even imagine. Those miners have been trapped a half-mile underground in the San Jose mine in northern Chile since August 5. That’s sixty-eight days. Think about everything that’s happened in the last sixty-eight days. On August 5, it was still summer. We were wearing sandals and planning trips to the beach. Now,Continue reading “Green Coveralls”