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The Bunns

We have two new neighbors. They live in our backyard, they come and go as they please, they’re very quiet, and they have long ears that pop upright whenever they hear us coming. So far, they’ve stayed out of the lettuce in our garden..

IMG_5055We look for them every morning out the den window, and when we see them, Jonathan, who doesn’t do anything subtly, screams, “HI BUNN!” I can’t decide what’s more adorable: his exuberance or their little white tails.

Things I Love about Greensboro: Festival of Lights

High on the list of things I love about Greensboro (which also includes the Fourth of July parade, the downtown library, the science center, the children’s museum, the cheap downtown parking, the farmer’s market, the Grasshoppers, the community theater’s production of Wizard of Oz, and well, lots of other things) is the annual Festival of Lights. Elm Street, the main north-south road through downtown, gets closed off, and you can walk up and down the street, listening to music, shopping at little markets, and finally making your way to Center City Park, where the giant tree is lit. It has become a tradition of ours – this is our fourth Christmas here! Long enough to have traditions!

This guy was hanging out next to the fake-snow-maker, which essentially just spit soapy water into the air and made the street slick underneath. But if you looked up and squinted, you could kind of imagine a gentle Midwestern snowfall.

We’ve never been to anything here. We should rectify that.

Yes, this is that Woolworths.

We somehow missed the actual lighting of the tree (though we swear we were there on time.) No one seemed to mind, though.

Thanks, Greensboro.

Show Business

I’m not always entirely clear on how God answers prayers, especially the very specific “please-let-me-find-a-parking-space” variety. But I’m pretty sure there was some kind of divine intervention this afternoon when I said to myself, “If I have to play one more game of Tickle Monster with this five-year-old or dig this baby out of the trash can again, I don’t think any of us are going to make it to dinner.”

God said, “Then have a puppet show.”

Turns out, I’m pretty good at puppet shows. I’m think I was channeling a little bit of Jim Henson and a lot of my dad, who is also pretty good at puppet shows. In fact, one summer at camp, when we were counseling together, we put on a puppet show for the third-graders. The theme was the vine and branches passage from John’s gospel, and when we got to the phrase “you will bear fruit,” one of the puppets said, “Bear Fruit? What’s a Bear Fruit?” We thought it was hilarious. I’m sure the third-graders did too.

Anyway, one of my puppets bore a striking resemblance — in voice inflection, if not in appearance — to Grover, and the other was more of an Eeyore with a British accent. (I’m telling you. Oscar worthy performances.)

Harper played right along, talking back to the puppets and singing along with the songs. She came up on cue to give the puppets kisses and giggled at the jokes. She laughed hysterically when the puppets got attacked by a giant baby.



After dinner, we had an encore presentation for Rob, who was very supportive of my newfound talents. Maybe if this ministry gig doesn’t work out, I’ll go on the road.

(So, if that was you, God, thanks for the idea.)

Things that happened at our house between 5:30 and 7:30 this evening.

1. I discovered that a stuffed toy caterpillar, which I have no idea how to clean, had fallen into the diaper pail this morning and had been sitting on dirty diapers all day.

2. Harper spilled bubbles all over the porch and then tracked them into the house.

3. Ants took over our kitchen floor. This is not particularly surprising, given the amount of food that falls there lately.

4. Harper had a minor tantrum because I wasn’t letting her clean up as many ants as I was.

5. Jonathan showed us that he can clap on cue.

6. Harper discovered she likes figs.

7. Jonathan got sweet potato in his eye.

8. Harper tried to use silly putty as a band-aid on a scraped knee. Some of it got stuck to her knee and would not come off. The rest of it is missing in the house somewhere.


Twelve on Twelve

I’ve had a Soulemama kind of weekend. I worked in the garden, shopped at the farmer’s market, made homemade baby food and strawberry freezer jam, hung clothes on the line to dry and played with my baby on a quilt in the back yard. (Soulemama would have made the quilt herself, probably before breakfast this morning.)

Squash, in the church garden.


A traffic jam in downtown Greensboro, which never happens, except in the case of some kind of fund-raiser walk (which was the case this morning) or when news vans camp out to catch the latest sketchy details of the trial of a certain former presidential candidate.
The farmer's market, bursting with early summer


There's something so optimistic about basil and tomato plants in May.


Tea party with friends


Harper and her friend lasted about ten minutes on the slip-n-slide before getting cold. It's not quite summer yet.


Watching the big kids. Another week or so, and he won't stay put on that blanket.


Pureed yellow peas. Yum.


Cute clothes on the line.


I suppose I could claim he's actually waving.


What you can't see in this picture is that I'm wearing a shirt that says "Tipton All-Stars," which is at least 20 years old. It must have been a rough season that year, if they let me on the all-star team. Also, doesn't it look like Jonathan is wondering how he ended up with these goofballs?


The end of a lovely day