Friday Five: Getting Out of Bed

When I went in to get Harper up this morning, she rolled over and muttered, “I’m just going to sleep all day.”

Have I mentioned that I’m dreading her teenage years?

The game over at revgals today is to share five things that made getting out of bed worthwhile. Here goes:

1. Anticipation of a visit from our new niece and her parents who are coming into town tonight.

2. Motivation to get my sermon done today so I can enjoy their visit tomorrow.

3. Gratitude for a week full of moving words that will (one dearly hopes) inspire us to be a better people.

4. Excitement from last night’s parents’ group, which had been dwindling but has now been revived by a new commitment to study a book together in the coming months.

5. Appreciation for the bright sunshine that is ever so slowly melting off this pesky ice.

And now, back to that sermon…