1. Yesterday, some unexplained forces turned our normally kind, sweet, and funny five-year-old into a moody, eye-rolling, sarcastic teenager with occasional 2-year-old tendencies. It was really fun. Could we just have one age at a time, please?

2.While fixing dinner, I looked down to find Jonathan lying on his stomach on the kitchen floor, smearing something brown and sticky in circles with his hands. Upon smelling it (because what else was I going to do?), I discovered that it was a melted chocolate chip. This was infinitely better than the alternative, but still confusing, because I really can’t remember the last time we had chocolate chips in the house.

3. A friend invited me over last night to look through some old children’s books he was getting rid of, and I came away with a box full of treasures, including several that I’m quite sure were in my collection when I was a kid but which I hadn’t thought of in years and years. I was particularly tickled to find this one, from the Sweet Pickles series.

“‘There’s a lot to worry about,’ sighed Walrus.”
So true, Walrus, so true.

4. In other book news: We were pleased to see that Hopes and Fears was mentioned in the Christian Century’s year-end list of recommended theology and philosophy books. Also, I’m doing a book signing on Saturday at 2:00 as part of the Holiday Open House at Barnhill’s, a wonderful little bookstore over in Winston-Salem. Several other writers and artists with church connections will be there as well. I’m really looking forward to it. If you’re local, join us!

5. Speaking of Christmas parties (were we? not really, I guess), I will be attending four in the next three days. ‘Tis the season!