New Photos

My sister-in-law called my blog insightful recently, at which I had to laugh, since there hasn’t been anything here except that ridiculous rutabaga picture for the past three weeks. No new insights tonight, but at least some new pictures…

Speaking of my sister-in-law, we had a great visit with them back in May:

That was also the weekend that everybody (except me) ran in a race to benefit the Children’s Museum here in Greensboro. The grown-ups ran the 5K and Harper ran the kids dash, and got a medal.

And speaking of races, did you know that Rob ran a 10K yesterday? Awesome.

We also had a great time on our trip to Minnesota in early June. Here’s four generations of Moseses:

And the almost-four of us at Gooseberry Falls State Park, which was my favorite of the places we visited:

For Pentecost Sunday, our worship team filled the sanctuary with these tissue paper flower/flames. It was a pretty amazing sight.

If you’ve spoken to me at all in the last few weeks, you probably know that the steeple at church was taken down and dismantled. It was incredible to watch.

More pictures and video are here, if you’re interested.

My sister visited this weekend, and we had fun at the Fourth of July parade, which gave me yet another reason to love Greensboro.