Ten on Tuesday

1. After many months of saving money, and another couple months of research, I finally bought a new camera. I am sad to be leaving behind the world of film photography, but times change, I guess. I am hanging on to my grandfather’s old Bell and Howell 35 millimeter camera, and I’m not giving up on the hope that someday, I’ll build a little darkroom in the corner of my basement.

2. Grandparents across the country (or at least the four who are related to my daughter) will no longer have to put up with blurry photos taken with my cell phone.

3. It has a burst mode, which lets me take picture after picture without stopping, something like 3.5 photos per second. It makes for fun photo sessions with a certain dancing preschooler:

4. I know I’m a little late (like, 5 years) to this whole blogging thing, but I kinda like it.

5. Harper was home sick yesterday and today, which totally wrecked havoc on our schedule and made for some very inefficient working. It did, however, allow for some unexpected time with her, including a cooking session this morning during which we made zucchini-crusted pizza (which was more like an egg casserole than a pizza, but still delicious), and a trip to the library this afternoon.

6. She is maybe still a little feverish tonight, so our schedule-juggling may not be over.

7. A group from church is on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic this week, and they are sending me daily updates, which I’m posting on our church website. I feel very global and high-tech.

8. Speaking of high-tech, some kind of virus tried to attack my computer tonight. When Rob saw it, he burst into action like some kind of technological superhero. He sprinted across the room, disconnected me from the network, and spent the next half an hour clicking around and occasionally muttering under his breath, then stood up and said, “There. It’s fixed.” It would only have been better if he’d been wearing his Superman T-shirt.

9. I don’t know why the photos in this post have blue borders.

10. Did I mention I have a new camera?