Things that happened at our house between 5:30 and 7:30 this evening.

1. I discovered that a stuffed toy caterpillar, which I have no idea how to clean, had fallen into the diaper pail this morning and had been sitting on dirty diapers all day.

2. Harper spilled bubbles all over the porch and then tracked them into the house.

3. Ants took over our kitchen floor. This is not particularly surprising, given the amount of food that falls there lately.

4. Harper had a minor tantrum because I wasn’t letting her clean up as many ants as I was.

5. Jonathan showed us that he can clap on cue.

6. Harper discovered she likes figs.

7. Jonathan got sweet potato in his eye.

8. Harper tried to use silly putty as a band-aid on a scraped knee. Some of it got stuck to her knee and would not come off. The rest of it is missing in the house somewhere.