Twelve on Twelve, sort of.

Let’s call it several on the twelfth and a few from the weekend before, and one from last month.


1. Daffodils, outside our side door, the first sign of spring. They’ve been beautiful, but their days are numbered.

2. The whiteboard on our fridge that keeps us organized. That’s a relative term, of course.

3. There’s apparently some kind of basketball tournament going on right now?

4. The church’s latest attempt at getting the attention of people driving by on Market Street.

5. This is what you get when you try to take a picture of a baby without setting him down first.

6. Jonathan has now entered the world of solid food.

7. Harper likes to feed him.

8. He likes to eat.

9. Jonathan was dedicated last Sunday. It was lovely. He was very cooperative, and squawked at all the appropriate times, enough to get everyone to laugh, but not enough to disrupt the service.

10. The church has a tradition of giving a bible and a baby blanket to families for every dedication. I’m tickled by my expression in this picture – as if I had no idea this storybook bible was coming, as if I wasn’t the one to have picked it out, as if they aren’t stored on a bookshelf in my office. (It’s a good one, though, should you be in a position of picking out storybook bibles for baby dedications: Children of God, by Desmond Tutu.)

11. Aunt Lynn and Eliza’s visit in February for BabyFest 2012. It’s still funny.

12. Two cute kids.