In addition to her books, Lee’s writing has appeared in a number of print and online publications, including the Christian Century Magazine, Practicing Families, and Fidelia’s Sisters.

A Few Favorites:

Recipes for Revolution 11.23.16
The More-with-Less Cookbook called for responsible eating long before it was cool.

My Church’s Magical Supply Closet 7.12.16
The room is commonly known as the Christian education supply closet, but I’ve come to think of it as our Room of Requirement.

Joyful Noises 03.20.14
a feature article in the Christian Century magazine about a multi-sensory worship service

On Grief and Growing Up 7.11.14
sometimes we confuse guilt with the grief the comes at the passage of time

Things People Give Me 4.2.13
on the unexpected gifts of ministry

No Elf on Our Shelf 12.18.12
a closer look at a newer Christmas tradition

The Church Is a Steeple 8.19.11
on the importance of place in the life of a congregation


The Christian Century:
Contributor page

articles and blog posts:
Cheering for the Teachers 5.16.18
A feel-good story’s power and limits: A review of Hidden Figures 1.19.17
The joy of things and the trap of excess: a book review 12.28.16
Angel Songs 12.22.16
Recipes for Revolution 11.23.16
My Church’s Magical Supply Closet 7.12.16
North Carolina’s absurd anti-discrimination bill isn’t the final word 03.31.16
Virtual Church on a Snow Day 02.02.16
Names with Faces 01.20.16
The Church Assembled 8.19.15
When Joy Gets Complicated: a review of Inside Out 06.23.15
Reading and Leaping  03.13.15

Here Comes the Parade 12.10.14
Moral Monday 06.05.14
Joyful Noises 03.20.14

Narrative Lectionary 10.18.13
The EMTs and my sheep PJs 8.2.13
Welcoming Disciples 7.18.13
Surprised by Volunteers 6.28.13

Early Easter Morning 04.02.13
No Elf on Our Shelf 12.18.12
Disagreeing in Love 9.6.12
On Not Being Afraid 8.23.12
Yes, We Can Talk About This 5.8.12
Missing Church 1.13.12
The Church Is a Steeple 8.19.11

Practicing Families:
Summertime, and the Living is… 6.10.16
Easter Dresses and Good News 03.23.16
After Christmas 12.30.16
Good Gifts 09.16.16
Lessons I Keep Learning 06.26.16
In the Garden 6.3.15
Cooking Dinner 11.21.14
Other People’s Kids 9.12.14
On Grief and Growing Up 7.11.14
Wherever You Are  6.16.14
But for the Grace 5.2.14
Bags Packed 3.7.14
New Year’s Day 1.3.14

Fidelia’s Sisters, of The Young Clergy Women Project:
Meaningful Mud 11.21.13
Things People Give Me 4.2.13
Newness of Life, Or: How I Gave Up the Waders and Learned to Love the Water 6.7.12
Weekend With Friends 5.19.11
Better Than That: A Review of Love Wins by Rob Bell 4.5.11
Story Keeping 12.9.10
Commissioning 8.12.10
Church Women 11.12.09

Guest Posts:
Q&A on The Blue Room
Saturday Morning on Topology Magazine
Happy Birthday, Car
on irreverin
Sheep Need Underpants, Kids Need Play on The Blue Room
What Else? on A Deeper Family

Day 1 Radio:
Breaking Open 5.8.11

Sermons and blog posts for First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Greensboro, NC